2014 Artist Choice Award

 Exhibitor's booth presentation sets a gallery shopping experience for the fair's patrons.
2014 Co-Standards Director, 
Jeanette Easley presented
Michael Benning-Clay Decorative Category with the Best Booth
Appearance Award. 

Award Photos © 2014 Trish Behrmann

2014 Best Booth Appearance Award

Artist Choice Award

Each year our exhibitors vote for their choice of a favorite artist. The 2014 fair's recipient was Briana Paxton. Briana is a Mixed Media Artist and is a First Time Exhibitor at our fair.

54th Annual Fair dates:

June 26, 27, 28, 2015


Best of Show

2014 Best Booth Appearance Award

The New Mexico Arts and Crafts Fair is proud to announce the

2014 Best of Show Award.

Jennifer Cavan of Angel Fire, NM.

Congratulations to each of our 2014 Award Winners!!

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